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For Racers, By Racers

Keystone Racing Products is located in the heart of Union County, Lewisburg, PA, and is owned and operated by Rob Straub and family.  We are racers without big sponsorships, so we know what it like for the average racer to keep on the track.  We are here to help you be successful, and save you money any where we can.  If it’s getting a couple more races out of your tires, we’re glad to help with affordable reconditioning and prepping services.  If it’s set-up advice or help, we’re glad to help there too.  We have all the set-up equipment needed and we’d be glad to set up an appointment with you to get you and your kart on the scales.  Need a nut or bolt at the track, well, there’s a good chance we might have one for you.  We’re not in it to make a fast buck, we’re in it to support you from start to finish.  Why?  Because we are For the Racers, By the Racers. 

We are proud to use a Larry Jones Super True Tire Cutter Machine and Templates.  We will prepare your tires for your track, class, and specific needs. 

We also feature Venom Juice Tire Preps as our “house” prep.  The Venom Juice Preps are affordable, and the program is remarkably simple and proven.

Finally, we feature AKS Race-Fab Fiberglass Bodies.  These bodies are hand-made right here in Pennsylvania using woven fiberglass fabric and the best resins.  No sprayed, chopped glass!  Why is this important?  The woven fiber is more flexible and lighter which means it can take a heavier hit without cracking, and it will allow your chassis to flex as the manufacturer intended.  They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, are innovative, and are affordable.

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